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What an awesome speaker today… , this inspired me so much more than you know.. I am glad I was in front across from Adwiti. I have never experienced such a motivational speaker of her magnitude in a while. Very impressed at http://www.wcr.org/ Donna

I am the facilitator for the cancer support group called Family Connected By Ribbons. We meet every first Thursday of each month at Thomas Hospital and have a speaker come to every meeting. We had the pleasure of having Adwiti speak at our November meeting. She is such a pleasure to be around. She helped us all, both patients and family members, go to a peaceful and relaxing place. She truly has a gift to share. Our support group really enjoyed and benefited from her visit. In addition to her speaking with us I bought two of her CD’s. They have been very helpful in my time of post cancer. It was such a joy just to be in her presence. Thank you Adwiti!
Patti Huval

I would say I met Adwiti Haffner at my lowest point. I had lost my job, moved in with my parents, and was recovering from my second hip replacement in less than a year. I could not foresee a future that included success for me, and after several job rejections, I was seeing “hope” as my greatest enemy.

Initially, I was skeptical that Adwiti could help me, but I was ready to fix my life. My perspective on life changed that very first day I met with Adwiti, and since then I have worked very hard to accept the positive possibilities in my life. I now see opportunities where I once saw roadblocks. I see my place in the world that includes health, success, and love.

Adwiti didn’t wave a magic wand that made everything better. Instead, she guided me and gave me tools to accept the wealth in my life using her training in hypnotherapy, mediation, and life strategies. By helping me understand and tap into the power of my subconscious mind, Adwiti showed me the power within myself to create a real and happy future for myself. Today, I have the exact job I envisioned all those months ago, and my life is filled with fulfilling activities that bring me great joy.

Margerette Bemis

I recently attended one of your seminars. Your leadership skills are excellent: You are well-spoken, poised, knowledgable and experienced with your subject area “the subconsious mind.” Your interactive approach was effective with me, a professional who has attended hundreds of seminars over my career span of 21 years. Your meditative exercise helped me tap into the wisdom and energy I knew I already possessed on a subconscious and spiritual level. I left your seminar feeling renewed, refreshed, and engergized.

Thank you! And I highly recommend your seminars to people who want to gain pshychological tools to help build and/or improve their lives.


Dr. Carmelita Mikkelsen

My time spent with Adwiti has been very fulfilling. A friend invited me to one of Adwiti’s workshops. I and three of my elementary school friends went together to bond and renew our strength. We got that… and so much more.
Adwiti’s open heart and warmth were felt on our first meeting. There was just something about her that gave me a feeling of instant trust. Not an easy feeling in today’s world.

Her Multi-Cultural and diverse spiritual experiences, have given her great wisdom and insight. Her training and willingness to be used as a vessel for others, allow her to be very effective in getting to the core of innermost hurts and fears so that I can embrace and heal them. It’s hard to heal what you don’t even know with you’re conscious mind, is wounded. Once embraced, the healing can began.

I can see now, many patterns I was repeating in my life. If I want a different result, I cant keep repeating the same actions. I’m working on it….At least now my sub-conscious mind is begaining to share information with my conscious mind. I encourage you to delve deeper with Adwiti. It has been a very positive experience for me.

Enjoying the journey

Kim Tatum, Gulf Shores, Al

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