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Join Adwiti Haffner for Journey to Inner HEALING AND ultimate abundance manifestation

VENUE: 6135 Maywood Lane, Foley, Al.

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DATE:  25th MAY 2013



Discover how ABUNDANCE can be yours through Inner Journey Healing!

Do you have nagging, frustrated feelings late at night that something is incomplete in your life…that there has to be something more. Somehow you know you are meant to soar, to lead a broad group of people and share your message but you feel on the tip of your fingertips that you are just missing that tiny piece, yet you know you are so near it.

On the one hand you know you are great, but yet you are plagued by so many small, negative self messages – they snowball and sometimes feel overpowering. Self doubt jumps in. You have a specific fear(s) that needs to be addressed and holding you back from making leaps and bounds.

Sometimes you find yourself comparing yourself to others who make it look so easy and are ultra successful and wondering why it is so difficult for you. You know in your heart there is no magic formula but you have applied “hard work,” and it isn’t making a big difference for you. You haven’t taken any loopholes and you sit back finding yourself feeling bewildered.

You know you need to crack the code but wonder how. You know you need the missing link. How many times have you said you are going to find someone who could act as a catalyst to jumpstart you?

You are not alone! The vast majority of clients echo these very same sentiments to the “in demand” and respected Adwiti Haffner who taps into the secret formulas for wealth accumulation and inner journey healing for people who, like you, who are struggling.

And you are NOT reading this by accident. The student finds the teacher at the opportune time. Is it your time to find the solution? Do you want to Shift NOW? Do you want to claim back what is yours? Who wouldn’t?

Would you like to find your purpose? Would you like to have access to your higher self at all times? Would you like to find inner quiet and peace? Do you want wealth accumulation? Of course you would.

MAKE THE SHIFT with Adwiti Haffner, well known author, master healer, Mentor, and Acclaimed Hypnotist for a weekly journey into inner healing, inner calm and inner peace.

“Adwiti is a rare being. I have benefitted from her guidance and insights for over a decade now. She has this ability to speak to you. She listens, understands, empathizes, makes you feel good and validated in your own experience…yet she says things that shake you up…make you see things in a whole new way that helps you move ahead. I have always found her advice and methods non-cliched and practical. I feel blessed to have “discovered” her years ago…a wonderful person, mentor, coach, counsellor.” Amina Singh, Sydney, Australia
Speak your truth

  • Awaken your confidence
  • Fire up your energy
  • Tap into your natural intuition ~ discover your life purpose ~ create community ~ spark your creativity how to transition out of your “day” job ~ access your pleasure ~ create prosperity from your passion ~ lead from the inside out

Discover how to identify and release self-sabotage, awaken your confidence.

  • Tap into truly empowered lives— from the inside out. Align yourself to Abundance.
  • Leap from where you are to your full potential by connecting with your Higher Self. Fire up your energy
  • Unveil how to better envision, clarify and take action on your lifelong dreams. Spark your creativity.

DATE:  25th MAY 2013


 Create a vision for the future
Align all levels of your being with intention. Set Goals from your heart. Harvest the knowledge of your intuition and create that vision in deep meditation.

Meet and connecting with your Higher self
Activate this very powerful resource and become one with your Higher Self, the unconditional, unlimited being which is part of you, in order to be the most benefit to others.

Clearing self sabotage. ACTION
Letting go of your past “voice” that has held you back on so many levels. Eliminate the wrong ideas we have of ourselves, and dissolve self sabotaged limitations.

Heal your past, Living in the NOW and connect with your HEART purpose.
You heart is a powerful tool that can guide you to every success in your life. In this lesson you will learn how to listen to your heart and releasing the reference point of the past.

Fully stepping into your own power. “Power of the Subconscious Mind.”

You will step into the circle of excellence and use this as a tool to speed up your path to your destiny. We will also learn about the model of the mind.

Walk of excellence/surrendering to the Universe/Believing in yourself

Learn the ancient technique of manifestations. Journey deep into the heart and really tap int that part of you which will help you not only see and feel your success but take much needed action.

8 Teachings (value $295)
8 Meditation Downloads (value $95)
8 Workbooks (value $175)
PRE-PAID PRICE FOR YOU : $99( this is an act of LOVE for me) I want to see you flourish!

$ 179 for 2

Pre-pay before 25th May

Click on the DROP DOWN menu and click on the packages that are love offerings for your expansion.


REQUIRED READING: The seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra
The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer
The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

Listen to what people are saying about her, whose lives she has dramatically improved:

M LintonAdwiti Haffner is a rare and beauty-filled Beacon of Light, that you will find has entered your life (and you into hers) at just the right time- most auspiciously- to aid you in your Spiritual Transformation process. Personally, I have no doubts, that my Higher Self, whom I have gotten to know in a much deeper way since meeting Adwiti, led me directly to her at a very crucial, confused, and painful time in my life.

The Mother that Adwiti is helped me to heal much of my troubled past in such a way that I was finally able to release all the darkness and shadows that had clung to me for so long ~ and open up to receive all the Blessings, Grace, and Guidance the Universe was ready to bestow upon me. Truly the heart of this being is GOLDEN. You will begin to feel more Positive, more Alive, and more Free after working with Her.

I can never repay… only bow to her with such gratitude… She has opened doors for me with her Love that I cannot even verbalize they are so huge! And that is just the beginning, as your Highest Destiny comes forth from within you and starts to unfold before you…. I hope all who have the opportunity to work with Adwiti, allow themselves this privilege.


M. Linton

Sarah WoodI became familiar with the work of Adwiti Subba Haffner in August of 2012 by a mere coincidence. At that time, I was in a very low state of energy and could barely get out of bed. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually I was exhausted. I was procrastinating major projects and feeling a lot of shame. Adwiti comforted me and got me out of my shame. She started with her meditative type of hypnosis on me and within the first two sessions, I noticed a difference. I had more resilience, and get-go, desiring to partake in life.

Throughout the next few weeks we continued this regimen, aided with affirmations, visualizations and my own meditations. She said she was sending healing angels my way. At first, I was skeptical, but something was changing internally for me, I had to admit. I had a bright smile on my face and joined two groups I still go to today involving movies, potlucks, dinners and plays.

My business also got focused and I developed a marketing plan which I am following today and have acquired more clients from. I have three of Adwiti’s meditations and faithfully listen to them at least once a week.

I have to say that her work on me was miraculous. She did all of the work practically, other than the affirmations and I just listened with an open mind.

She honestly cares about her clients and overextends herself, giving more time in the session than what was promised. I highly recommend Adwiti for anyone wanting a successful, easy, yet a dramatic change in their life in a short period of time without a hassle.

To your very best continued successes,

Sarah Jo Wood
The Magic Pen copywriting
[email protected]

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