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Adwiti is a highly skilled expert with years of proven success with transformative meditation, hypnotherapy, sound therapy, yoga instruction, and life coaching. 
Let her guide you down the path of healing, cleansing, abundance, and success.
These meditations will be your go-to quick resource for getting your life back on track.

Too often are we bound, trapped and paralyzed by our own fears and self-doubts, unable to take the first step toward transformation for fear of making the wrong choices.
The time has come to take your life back! Put one foot forward and take the first step toward the Real YOU!

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Meditation can Help You:

Embrace Your Inner Power

Find the power that's already within you. Release the inner goddess that's trapped in the dark corners of your soul. She is you, and she is lost. Find and release her so you can embrace your true power.

Realize Abundance and Success

Discard the illusion that abundance is out of reach. Step out of the rut and overcome self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. Open your mind to the reality that abundance, wealth, and success surrounds you.

Banish Negativity

Fear, lies, allusion, hatred, grief, shame, guilt, grudges... these, and other negative thoughts and actions have a tremendous impact on our lives and keep us from reaching success and happiness. Practicing meditations can help you banish your negativities, so you can emerge with renewed strength, confidence, power, and fulfillment.

Love Yourself: Mind, Body, and Soul

Within you, lives a goddess. She is amazing, beautiful, powerful, confident, successful, and loving. She is you, but she has been banished to the dark corners of your soul, and she longs to be free. Meditation can help you find and release this part of yourself- the part that knows she is worth the world and more; that knows she is beautiful, powerful, and deserving of an amazing, fulfilling life.

Client Testimonials

meditation testimonial - Cindy

Powerful meditations leave you feeling inspired and centered!

"Adwiti’s guided meditations are powerful! The music is soothing and draws you in as her vivid imagery makes a heartfelt connection to the words she is speaking. The meditation brings you back to a place of knowing that life IS generous and abundant. The meditation leaves you feeling inspired and centered, and expectant of more Abundance. That’s a great place to be! I know her guided meditations will bring powerful blessings into your life by allowing in more joy, abundance, confidence and peace. Who wants more of those kinds of feelings?"

Cindy Travnicek, MS, LCPC
Chicago, IL

Meditation testimonial - Manav

The best Chakra meditation!

"I just recently got your chakra cleansing meditation, it was such a trip following your soothing, mellifluous voice into the process of cleansing chakra's. It also gave me an insight into your personal conscious state which I judged is very profound. The music was resonating with the state of mind and was perfectly attuned to each chakra you came across. By undergoing this process of meditation I went through many personal facets of life. Personally, I feel this is the best meditation I have listened on Chakra's. I would highly recommend the meditations to anyone who is on a spiritual journey or wants to seek a fresh dimension to their life. God bless you Adwiti Haffner for an invaluable product."

OM Manav Kundra

My life is infinitely better with Adwiti in it!

"Adwiti’s soothing voice, calmness, generous spirit, love for mankind, intuitiveness, knowledge and wisdom were exactly what I needed in my life. She is guiding me to finding within myself a place of peace, self-love, acceptance, awe of this world that we live in, realization that I cannot control the external world that I live in, that I do have the ability to look within myself and decide how I will react to situations. My life is infinitely better with Adwiti in it!

I believe that Adwiti’s approach can help anyone with any challenges to come to a better place in life. She has the knowledge to reduce “big” challenges to small questions that allow you to find the answers, thereby creating a better life for you.

If your life is not the way you want it to be, I recommend that you connect with Adwiti thru her private sessions, CD’s, or one of her workshops."

Foley, Alabama

Start Your Transformation with Adwiti.