One month Angel Card Guidance/Weekly Readings by e-mail

Weekly Readings for a Month

Sometimes in life, we are confused and indecisive because we do not have enough information or enough courage. Do you feel tired, worried and  We then feel  this is an opportunity to work with  Divine Guidance and spiritual healing to clear your path for divine awakenings and a deeper understanding of your path.

I am offering you  weekly guidance for a whole month to help you (4 sessions over  one Month period) reset your mind and heart at the beginning of the week. This is an opportunity to work with Spirit to address your life concerns, challenges and to learn about your Divine Life Path.

Please be open to spiritual experiences and feel free to discuss your areas of concern with me throughout and I will give guidance from Spirit to help you accordingly.
You may wish to know What is Ahead? Messages from the angels can help you understand what your soul needs in order to enable the shift of perception and then the spiritual shift in life.

I am spiritual mentor and I have the ability to help awaken your spiritual gifts and Divine Life mission

 Typical 1 Month Reading Programme:

Week 1 – Looking Ahead over the Next 6 Months
Week 2 – Healing and Opening to Divine Guidance
Week 3 – Life Purpose
Week 4 – Meet your Guides

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