Sound Therapy

Science is aware that everything vibrates at a certain frequency-this is physics. We are all in a natural state of vibration but when our bodies fall out of alignment we experience stress, frustration, negative emotions, depression and various other dis-eases. The singing bowls produce sounds that affect your brain, your mind and your body to harmonize, align and completely relax you, resetting your state of mind.

It is an ancient art with contemporary flair. This deeply harmonizing sound healing therapy permeates deeply into infinite levels of your being, helping to rejuvenate, recharge, reset and renew you.

Experience this ancient healing art for yourself to regain clarity, balance, homeostasis and harmony within.

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Sound Therapy is known to help you:

  • Clear your mind
  • Make room for renewal
  • Manage physical pain
  • Heal a variety of physical symptoms
  • Balance both hemispheres of the brain
  • Clean negative energy and emotions
  • Achieve a very deep state of relaxation
  • Help you cope with life's various challenges
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase in vital energy flow, creativity, intuition, and motivation
  • Soothe, purify and harmonize your emotions and feelings
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Reduce Stress
  • Transform grief and deep emotions
  • Refresh your outlook
  • Center and harmonize your heart
  • Gain a deeper connection with your intuition, divinity and your true self

About the therapy itself, Shauna Covert Anagnostopoulos  who experienced a session recently says  "Depending on the location of the bowl, which you are surrounded by multiple of varying sizes, that’s where you feel the warm waves of vibration. Very soothing but powerful. That sensation travels throughout your body, throughout the deepest cells and atoms creating a massage and meditation experience all at the same time. The sound along with a little guidance/chanting from Adwiti brings you to a calm and content place. The sounds that the bowls create just make the experience even more in depth. "

Private one-on-one sessions :

Please enquire for prices at 251-609-1251

or email: [email protected]

Group sessions text for prices because it depends on what the group needs.  

Groups of max 20 : $30 / per person

Groups of 6-10 : $50 / per person 

Groups of 4 : $75 / per person

I will be updating the types of sessions in the up-coming months.  For your convenience, all sessions are conducted in a beautiful private room overlooking the bay at Orange Beach Yoga and Wellness Center. To book an appointment call or text Adwiti: 1-251-609-1251


“For hours afterward I was deeply relaxed with a heightened sense of peacefulness and clarity. The bowls are used for sounds that literally travel throughout your body. It's not religious based and its benefits are being proven in western medicine. I'm going to do it again.” Robin Martin, Fairhope, Al

“Tibetan bowl ceremony took my mind and body to new levels of relaxation. This was one of the most intensely satisfying experiences I've ever had. I recommend Adwiti and her Tibetan bowls to anyone seeking the ultimate in relaxation and self-reflection.” Todd Williams, Gulf Shores, Al

“After reflecting on the session for a day, I realized that I experienced total calmness, peace and a spirit of being mellow. I felt the sensation for hours after my session. I suffer from anxiety and believe that continuing to practice this deep level of meditation could help me to relax and decrease my worries of the unknown.” Dr. Tina Gay Allen, Gulf Shores, Al



The services offered are complementary  or an adjunct to your healing and not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  You should always consult your doctor or healthcare provider if you have any questions regarding a medical condition.