Abundance Meditation

“As within, so without.” This famous saying reminds us that what is within us becomes manifest around us in the physical world. Nourish your spirit, enliven your mind, restore the energy within you, inside you, so that you can transport the wealth already within you to your outer world. Take a breather and lets takes this flight into the abundance of your heart, let us unlock the Palace of Plenty, in all ways possible. Close your eyes to this meditation and go within and release your Limitations—enjoy this beautiful flight with me and wake up abundant, affluent, your spirit bursting with goodness.

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  • Voice and script: Adwiti Subba Haffner
  • Sound Engineer: Dr.Lance Moore
  • Art and Design : Charlie McGuire
  • Approx length : 25 minutes

Adwiti’s guided meditations are powerful! The music is soothing and draws you in as her vivid imagery makes a heartfelt connection to the words she is speaking. The meditation brings you back to a place of knowing that life IS generous and abundant. The meditation leaves you feeling inspired and centered, and expectant of more Abundance. That’s a great place to be!I know her guided meditations will bring powerful blessings into your life by allowing in more joy, abundance, confidence and peace. Who wants more of those kinds of feelings?

Cindy Travnicek, MS, LCPC
Chicago, IL

1 thought on “Abundance Meditation”

  1. WOW!! The Abundance Meditation CD is one of my favorite CD’s. When I speak of abundance I envision a wealth of knowledge, resources and gratitude, rather than a monetary vision. The CD allowed me to get in touch with the energy around abundance as well as overcome some of my own limitations. I highly recommend this CD in overcoming self- sabotaging behaviors around wealth.

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