Chakra Cleansing and Balancing Meditation

This radiantly-inspired meditation fits every situation in your life. Raise your inner harmonic vibrations, calm your nerves, quiet your soul, relieve stress and balance your energy centers to enjoy a more powerful existence. This CD will help you with your mental clarity, your spiritual healing, your inner and outer voice, and will strengthen your heart-center, making it easier for you to give and to receive. This strongly-spiritual session will assist you in synchronizing your body and soul connections with the sympathetic rhythm of the Universe.

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  • Approx. length: 30 minutes
  • Alivewithadwiti Productions © 2011

4 thoughts on “Chakra Cleansing and Balancing Meditation”

  1. I just recently got your CD on chakra cleansing and meditation, it was such a trip following your soothing, mellifluous voice into the process of cleansing chakra’s. It also gave me an insight into your personal conscious state which I judged is very profound. The music was resonating with the state of mind and was perfectly attuned to each chakra you came across. By undergoing this process of meditation I went through many personal facets of life. Personally, I feel this is the best CD I have listened on Chakra’s. I would highly recommend the CD’s to anyone who is on a spiritual journey or wants to seek a fresh dimension to their life. God bless you Adwiti Haffner for an invaluable product.

  2. A MUST HAVE!!!!
    Adwiti,you have outdone yourself with this. My goodness it just does not get any better. It truly does help to take care of any and all issues one may be experiencing and get back into balance.I personally could not feel any better and totally recommend this to everyone.
    Thanks again Adwiti you are awesome.

  3. I was fascinated after listening to Adwiti Haffner’s ‘Chakra meditation’. Her soothing, mesmerizing voice guides you to connect with the universe, Mother Nature or with a beautiful, empowering energy.

    I am listening to the ‘chakra meditation’ twice a day, once in the morning and once before I go to the bed for about 27 days without a break. It is not just her magical voice but the captivating expressions, the perfectly chosen words and the well-crafted guidance, that is something that I, as a poet would equate to as art.

    It captures your mind at once if you allow the fascinating experience to expand your awareness. The more I listen to it, the more I am connected to her warm, caring and soothing guidance and the more I open up to the guidance of the Universe.

    The whole mesmerizing meditation is like a poem- a wonderful poem to nurture your mind, soul and body. I don’t want to achieve anything after listening to it, just listening makes me contented. I am thankful to Adwiti, always.

  4. I listened to several meditations but I find the chakra cleansing and balancing tapes mesmerizing.The colors are real and the energy transference and connection to the Master leave me feeling such peace and strength. I have not been doing them every day but this is my intent. Thank you Adwiti for coming into my path


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