Healing Angels

This deeply inspired healing meditation will help you:
Unlock your potential to be healed.
• Discover, accept and receive healing from all sources, medical and spiritual.
• Imagine a team of angels at your service, helping you heal, restore and repair you mind, body and soul.
• Emotional healing and physical healing are all rooted in spiritual health. This meditation has a very powerful energy of its own which you can tap into and will help propel you forward to a profound healing place.

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  • Approx length: 30 minutes
  • Alivewithadwiti Productions © 2011

3 thoughts on “Healing Angels”

  1. I found the relaxation steps on this CD easy to follow and the healing message very powerful for me. What I also discovered is that I was able to retain the ability to revisit the feelings and images later without the CD playing. A few days after I listened to it just one time I had to undergo a medical test that required me to be still and calm for one hour before the scan so that the solution they injected could circulate in my system. As I rested and tried to relax I first went through a series of breathing exercises that Adwiti taught me and then began to relive the journey that I learned from the CD. I was successful in reaching a totally calm and relaxed state of being and it seemed like just a really short period of time before the technician came to do the scan. I’m so happy to report that after reviewing the scan the doctors confirmed what I already knew in my heart that I am healed and cancer-free. I highly recommend this CD no matter what you are facing in your life that is a struggle.

  2. I can’t tell you how excited I was to learn Adwiti had finished her CD’s. The Healing Angels Meditation CD was just what I needed. For the last six months, I’ve been in an interesting ‘place’ and wasn’t sure how to get ‘out.’ As a result, I stopped meditating and listening to my inner voice. The Healing Angels Meditation allowed me to be still and listen to my inner voice. I’m more clear about my life’s purpose and I’m finally out of the ‘place’ I had been in for the last six months. Thank you Adwiti. I appreciate the timing of this CD.

  3. I can only say as I have said before to Adwiti, I always had knowledge of angels but only as a concept that I prayed would become a reality. With Adwiti’s guidance I am beginning to know my angels personally and understand their role of integrating me into an awareness of my immortality and my part of the

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