Meet Your Higher Self

Call upon your Higher Self whenever you are confused, depressed, dejected and negative feelings surround you.  This meditation will change your paradigm, expand your awareness, and move your soul to vibrate in harmony with the cosmos.  Each time you close your eyes to this visualization, you will rise from the depths of pessimism and discontent to soar higher into the realms of universal Love and Joy.  Meet your compelling, confident and powerful self!  Become more confident, self-assured, and secure in your path of life and living. Enjoy meeting and communing with your Higher Self.  The journey is your destination. Namaste.

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  • Voice and Script : Adwiti Subba Haffner
  • Sound Engineer: Dr. Lance Moore
  • Art and design : Charlie McGuire
  • Approx length: 40 minutes
  • Alivewithadwiti Productions © 2011

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