Weight Release

Waiting for the weight to simply fall off? All you have to do is lay down for half an hour a day, with this hypnosis CD and you will be able to activate your mind power, develop your self control, build your self esteem, strengthen your will power with simply 30 minutes a day. Take a journey within your mind to a place where you will release the need to have that excess weight in your body for it starts simply in your mind. Everyone knows how to lose weight. The basic rule is “eat less and exercise more” , but we often find ourselves reaching for that extra slice of cake, the extra cheesy dip and procrastinating the exercise, Listening to this CD , if you allow, will enable you to curb that habit of self sabotage and set you on a path of healthy living and your perfect weight.

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  • Voice: Adwiti Subba Haffner
  • Music : Dr. Lance Moore
  • Sound Engineer: Dr. Lance Moore
  • Approx length: 30 minutes
  • Alivewithadwiti Productions © 2011

1 thought on “Weight Release”

  1. What a fantastic CD/mp3 download!!!!
    Adwiti has an awesome voice that just relaxes like never before. Her words are very profound and powerful. I have listened to this download only 3 times and can tell a great difference in how I feel, not to mention that I have already lost a couple pounds.
    All I can say is I cant wait to hear more. Keep up the fantastic work.

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