Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

Adwiti Haffner does not guarantee the accuracy of her predictions, or insights and is  not in any way responsible or liable for the actions you take as a result of the session.

After the consultation with Adwiti Haffner, please note that the Client is 100% responsible for their own actions  and that there is no guarantee on the accuracy rate of  the angel card reading consultation and that all predictive information is not intended to replace any type of therapy, counseling, treatment or cure for anything you may be seeking a remedy for. It is your responsibility to always consult licensed professionals such as a Lawyer, Medical Doctor, Psychologist or Licensed Therapist for any Medical or Legal advice.

Please understand that there will be no refund policy. It is also understood that once you book a consultation with Adwiti Haffner you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above. Thank you and let us have some fun with the angels, they love you ( that is a guarantee :))

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