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Fear is a primal emotion and if not controlled can actually cause a lot of chaos in your life. We all have experienced this one time or the other. Fear can sabotage your success, your happiness and your well being. It can easily shut down your heart waves and stop you from experiencing freedom and love. When you cannot feel love then everything you do will be from a fear platform.

You are not alone. All of us have to navigate through this emotion.

Don’t let fear stop you from experiencing your full potential. Close your eyes , sit back, relax and Listen to this meditation for just 10 minutes – yes just 10 minutes you will be able to shift from Fear to Freedom.

This healing meditation track is perfect at time of stress, feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Listening to this healing tape will help you:

  • Become relaxed and calm
  • Release fears and anxiety
  • Free yourself from fears
  • Become clearer, calmer and more focused

Conquer your fears and master your destiny.

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